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As part of Blogging 101, I depart from my normal blog post types and bring you this post, inspired by Linda’s post ‘Movie Plots‘, inspired by oversimplifications (hence the above video-‘Simples!’) and inaccuracies in a film plot synopsis for The Wizard of Oz, Linda posted some examples of her own.

Here, I will try and have a go-with books. Given that I am better at oversimplifications (fairly gifted at them in fact), here are some from me.

Of Mice and Men-a big man and a little man go to work

The Hound of the Baskervilles-walking the dog

Lord of the Flies-boys’ adventure party

Romeo and Juliet-an inconvenient courtship

Gulliver’s Travels-a small problem which could become one of gigantic proportions

Three Men in a Boat-one more than two males vacate in a watergoing vessel

The Wind in the Willows-animal get-together


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